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a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean

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We also expect Andalusia to meet the fiscal deficit goal of 0.
Granada was the last Arab-Muslim spot in Andalusia, so the Arab-Muslim existence was terminated in Andalusia when Granada's 22nd and last king, Abu Abdallah Muhammad XII--known by the Castilians as Boabdil--handed the city to the Catholic Spanish rulers, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand in the Muslim year 897, which corresponds to1492 AD--the year that Christopher Columbus set sail on his famous journey west.
Global real estate advisory firm CBRE has been appointed as the exclusive property managers and marketing advisors for Andalusia Garden, a new extension to Bahrain's Andalusia Complex.
in Velez-Malaga, a small town neighboring Malaga, a popular tourist destination in Spain's southern Andalusia region.
The prize aims to motivate the rediscovery of the history of Andalusia and to keep alive in the memory of the history, as it was the bright example of the Arab and Islamic civilization, which provided a distinct form of the coexistence between religions and cultures, Farzat said.
Summary: The European Commission approved the Rural Development Programme (RDP) of Andalusia for the seven year period 2014-2020
Spain's Socialists won Sunday's election in Andalusia, the country's largest region, but fell short of gaining a majority in a fragmented regional Parliament in which two upstart parties will have a combined quarter of the seats, according to preliminary results, The New York Times reports.
12th, 2014 - HM King Mohammed VI received, Friday at the Royal Palace in the northern city of Tetouan, Susana Diaz Pacheco, president of the Regional Government of Andalusia, the King's Office said.
With a few tweaks, The Lights of Andalusia has the potential to become a very popular show.
The 31 units forming the first phase of the Andalusia Collection from National Properties were sold and delivered to buyers in 18 days.
Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is the largest in Andalusia.
National Properties, a subsidiary of National Bonds Corporation, announced on Friday that the entire first phase of its renowned Andalusia Collection has been sold and delivered in only 18 days.
He said,"I was inspired by Andalusia, and my subject is the Andalusian civilisation.
The event is "a yearly celebration of flamenco films" set in the birthplace of the dance in Andalusia.