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a history of the ancient world

knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence

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The researchers plan to explore more patches of sky in the future to gather more clues hidden in the light of this ancient era.
This new initiative will combine the ancient era with modern technology.
From there, she treks around the southern part of the country, encountering modern Greeks still influenced by this ancient era - including marble-cutters who continue to use the same tools as their ancestors.
The desert landscape makes one wonder whether one is still in modern day Doha or has travelled through time to the ancient era.
com, 'Khan Wars' is designed to recreate medieval times, bringing to life epic battles of an ancient era by leveraging war simulation technologies.
In a deep pit, they began to uncover a group of life-size terra-cotta [clay] soldiers from an ancient era.
Damrosch then skips back to consider the ancient era of Ashurbanipal, leading up to his conquest by the Babylonians, the razing of his palaces, and the resulting burial of the tablets (late seventh century B.
Although in the twelve papers collected here, we are almost constantly faced with the epigraphical and archeological evidence of the Indian subcontinent during the few centuries around the transition from the ancient era to the common era, Schopen keeps always in the background and often puts in the forefront his beloved Vinaya of the Mulasarvastivadins.
00pm THE enthusiastic presenter turns his attention to arguably one of the most infamous leaders of the ancient era - Caligula.
They emphasize that the extent of transnational interaction and its increasing speed make the current trend of globalization unprecedented, even though the transnational interactions existed in the ancient era (e.
To be fair, the editors do point out that the study is from "an ancient era in Internet time.
The very idea of one is a throw back to an ancient era when people still breathed the same air in order to trade.
Indeed, all the sculptures look like the relics of a now ancient era of avant-garde sculpture.
Tap water will experience something of a renaissance, grains from an ancient era will make their mark and women's love of make-up may fade slightly as the au naturel look makes a strong comeback.
Director further said a plan has been outlined to highlight the significance of historic archaeological sites, besides efforts are being initiated would be made to revive glory of the rich and ancient era buildings across the province.