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worship of ancestors

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The Niuheliang site, with its associated stone tombs, seems to be more closely related to ancestral worship activities.
All Western countries have their ancestral worship.
Such ritual offerings at royal burial sites reinforced the mortuary tradition of the ritual of ancestral worship at grave sites that continued from the Neolithic period.
An estimated 220,000 tons of paper money are burned in Taiwan each year, during the ghost month and for ancestral worship, funerals and religious festivals.
After her marriage to my father she followed my father's belief in ancestral worship.
According to one foreign observer in the early twentieth century, "[t]he most potent agent in forming Chinese law and maintaining its permanence is ancestral worship.
Juan Mesa Diaz's and Maria Elena Vinueza's contributions detail Ocha-Ifa, popularly known as Santeria (a neo-African religious system derived from Yoruba traditions of spiritual and ancestral worship and divination), and its musical system, respectively.
Other chapters describe the history of state religious policy and ceremonies, the Confucianization of ancestral worship, and shamanism.