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In species of Mycteria, Anastomus, and Leptoptilos, the approaching female usually performs a display, presumably to appease the male.
asiaticus; (2) the branching sequence among Mycteria species; and (3) relationships among the three clades Mycteria, Leptoptilos, and Anastomus.
These two displays are common and unique to Anastomus, Leptoptilos, and Mycteria species.
The alternative Mycteria and Anastomus pairing proposed by Kahl (1971a, 1972d) appears in the remaining half of the most-parsimonious trees and is supported by three characters: one component of the Swaying Twig Grasping display (character 13), one component of Copulation Clattering (character 30) and one component of the Up-Down display (character 42).
Interestingly, five of the six displays included in the early courtship category (all except Head-shaking Crouch) are performed exclusively by species in the genera Mycteria, Leptoptilos, or Anastomus.