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Synonyms for pomegranate

shrub or small tree native to southwestern Asia having large red many-seeded fruit

large globular fruit having many seeds with juicy red pulp in a tough brownish-red rind

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On the culinary front, Movenpick Hotel Riyadh is home to Acacia by Pierre Gagnaire, French Michelin-starred chef, Naya - a Lebanese cuisine restaurant, an authentic Indian restaurant in Anardana and Horizon, an all-day dining outlet.
The capital's new property features 436 rooms and 94 suites, four signature restaurants boasting a French fine dining 3 Michelin Star Chef - Acacia by Pierre Gagnaire and Naya, modern Lebanese cuisine, and Anardana, an Indian cuisine as well as Horizon with its world flavors.
If you stick to Indian, go for the Sukka Mutton and Malabar Parantha combo, or the Anjeer aur Anardana Kofta in Makhmali Gravy.
For instance, Paneer Anardana (Dh70) looks like your conventional paneer dish in a tomato-based gravy.
The seeds along with the fleshy portions are dried and commercially marked as Anardana and widely used as condiment.