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Synonyms for Anapurna

wife of Siva and a benevolent aspect of Devi: Hindu goddess of plenty

a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal (26,500 feet high)

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After reading the interviews with the Anapurna tree god worshipers, the students are instructed to "identify the relevance of the nine principles for sustainable living followed by people in the Anapurna area" and compare it to their own religion.
In May last year he topped Anapurna, adding it to his list of highest, reaching the summit in record time - just five days after his arrival in base camp.
Print, the exhibition for the Visual Communication Industry, which takes place at the beginning of February in Lyon, Agfa Graphics will show the Anapurna M2500i with optional automated board feeder (ABF) for the first time in Europe.
The Anapurna M2500i is ideal for art reproductions, architectural and interior decorations, lenticular displays and more.
With drivers for Anapurna, Jeti and a wide variety of other brands, Apogee 9 communicates with a greater number of inkjet printers supporting a multiple-device inkjet operation.
Visitors also got the opportunity to examine first-hand the Jeti Titan S and HS systems and the Anapurna M3200 RTR, as well as to experience the dedicated Asanti workflow automation software.
Permal Usna Rice , Atta Tulsi , Arhar Dal, Masur Dal, Mustard Oil ( Scootor brand) , Anapurna Salt , Sugar, Milk Amul Spray, Butter, Egg, Apple , Banana, Tea leaf Book Bound Red lable, Spices- Golmirich, Geera, Dry Mircha, Haldi , Dhania, Lahsun, Vegetable- Soyabinm, Potato, Onion, Palak Sag & Other seasonal green vegetables- Parbal, Patta govi, Phulgovi, Nenua,Lauki, Baigain, Sem, Vindi , Karaila, Boro, Materdana , Jhiguni, Orange, Mango ) for 730 days for Indoor patient of Divisional Railway Hospital ,Sonpur.
Designed and constructed as a sturdy, attractively priced print production system, the new Anapurna M3200 RTR is the latest cost-effective wide-format printer from Agfa Graphics.
The Anapurna M3200RTR features six colors and a maximum 1440 dpi for high print quality with the largest gamut.