Ananas comosus

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a tropical American plant bearing a large fleshy edible fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves

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Preservation of natural stability of fruit "bromelain" from Ananas comosus (pineapple).
1949) Anatomy of the vegetative organs of the pineapple, Ananas comosus (L.
En esta investigacion se logro el establecimiento de un sistema de organogenesis in vitro en Ananas comosus a partir de segmentos de bases de hojas de plantas del ecotipo autoctono del Amazonas Tabe Kana, siendo el medio de cultivo MS2 (5 mg x [L.
Pineapple ConcenTreatt is sourced exclusively from Ananas comosus and provides a green aroma and juicy intense ripe pineapple flavour.
The mixed juices extracted from ripened mature Passiflora edulis, Mangifera indica and Ananas comosus harvested in the Northern Province of Rwanda gave a delicious, and acceptable golden wine more highly flavored than imported wines.
Pancreatin 56,000 USP units protease (pancreas) Sus scrofa 300 mg Papain 492 HP-units (International Pharmaceutical 180 mg Federation) Carica papaya Bromelain 675 FIP-units Ananas comosus 135 mg Trypsin 2,160 HP-units (pancreas) Sus scrofa from dried 72 mg purified aqueous extracts Chymotrypsin 900 FIP-units (pancreas) Bos Taurus 3 mg Rutoside trihydrate (Rutin) Sophora japonica from dried 150 mg purified aqueous extracts Other ingredients: Cellulose, vegetable-based enteric coating, vegetable stearate, natural vanilla flavor, purified water.
The objective of this work was to evaluate the mycelial growth of the Coprinus comatus strain CCO 01/01 in culture based on organie residues of Saccharum officinarum (sugarcane bagasse), Citrus sinensis (orange bagasse), Ananas comosus (pineapple residues) and Musa sp.
Solanaceae Dhutara 18 Areca catechu Palmae Supari 19 Allium cepa Liliaceae Piyaj 20 Ananas comosus (L.
One of the first plants that I was given by Blanche was an offset from Ananas comosus var.
Or sign up for the resort's two-and-a-half-hour pineapple-plantation tour, where you'll learn about growing and canning Ananas comosus (pineapples) firsthand.
x Lycopersicon esculentum x Vanilla planifolia x Ficus carica x Acca sellowiana Ananas comosus Musa textilis Durio zibethinus Theobroma cacao Carica papaya Annona cherimola Elaeis guineensis Pollination syndromes Ornithophilous perching hovering chiropterophilous Actinidia deliciosa Malus domestica Medicago sativa Trifolium pratense Passiflora spp.
Leaf structure and physiology were also evaluated for [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] the same four species and two additional terrestrial CAM bromeliads: Ananas comosus (L.