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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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While it is impossible to give an exact number, it is obvious that several million nutrient analytical tests will need to be performed to comply with the nutrient labeling requirements of the NLEA.
Supply of reagents for the determination of analytical tests on Core Laboratory of the New Hospital Alvarez Buylla Vital.
Then, according to this scenario, the chemical evidence of this meeting could then be picked up by a KGB agent, who would wipe the dissident's doorknob, then bring the cloth to a laboratory for analytical tests using chromatography or a mass spectrometer.
Ze'evi led his group who scaled up the production processes, performed process validation and supported the registration of files, optimized processes and analytical tests to decrease costs and increase yields.
The agreement confers to SDI the worldwide rights to manufacture and sell analytical tests to detect two of Syngenta's genetic traits in plants, seeds, grain and intermediate food products.
We are also focusing on linking products together so that our customers can make informed decisions with a series of analytical tests.
MG) (OTC BB: MGAU), announced that earlier this week, it received a response from prior analytical tests conducted by a major foreign refiner of gold and platinum group metals.
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