analytical review

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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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These included the establishment of a new analytical test for the identification of rhPDGF-BB in bulk production lots, and the submission of characterization data to the FDA for lots of rhPDGF-BB manufactured through August 2006.
Nasdaq:SDIX) - a leading provider of antibody products and analytical test kits for a broad range of food, water, agricultural, industrial, environmental and scientific applications announces that, effective with the opening of trading today, the Company's trading symbol changes from SDIXE to SDIX.
Diversified analytical tests and scientific personnel were added, and it turned out to be a success.
Then, according to this scenario, the chemical evidence of this meeting could then be picked up by a KGB agent, who would wipe the dissident's doorknob, then bring the cloth to a laboratory for analytical tests using chromatography or a mass spectrometer.
Supply of reagents for the determination of analytical tests on Core Laboratory of the New Hospital Alvarez Buylla Vital.
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