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an auditing procedure based on ratios among accounts and tries to identify significant changes

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These are detected by examination of records, analytical reviews, interviews and observations.
Analytical reviews in clinical biochemistry: the estimation of creatinine.
Additional analytical reviews of revenue during planning will also be necessary, as well as the new presumption that revenue recognition should be considered a fraud risk in all financial statement audit engagements.
From setting up clients, gathering information, and performing analytical reviews, to creating finished presentations for your clients, GoSystem Audit is one of the most powerful systems available.
Segebart, based in Des Moines, Iowa, will be responsible for helping to produce monthly financial statements for Kemin Industries and Worldwide operations, analytical reviews of financials, and assisting with budgeting.
Davis attempts to impose unity on these disparate chapters -- which for the most part are analytical reviews of others' books or critical, meditative reflections on others' theories and theses -- by a long critical introductory essay, "From the secular to the supernatural," which concludes with this idea: "In moving its focus from the secular to the supernatural, theology might well find itself better able to deal with the problems raised by post-modernity.
Currently, our Hospital Operations service line focuses on assisting hospitals and health care systems improve or turn around' their business through comprehensive and integrated analytical reviews, operations assessments and performance improvement plans," said Salmon.
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