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any of various organs that synthesize substances needed by the body and release it through ducts or directly into the bloodstream

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Question: I noticed my dog has been dragging his rear end along the floor and I have been advised to get his anal glands checked.
Her anal glands haven't been impacted or infected yet but I have to express her glands about once a month as indicated by her scooting.
Hobbs et al (44) in 2001 studied 14 cases of anal canal adenocarcinoma and identified 7 cases that fit a set of criteria that the authors defined for carcinoma of anal gland type: haphazardly dispersed, small glands with scant mucin production that invade the wall of the anorectal area without an intraluminal component; the tumor glands are positive for CK7.
Adjacent to the secretory epithelium of the hypobranchial gland is located an acinous glandular-like structure, which could be the rectal or anal gland.
Cats are less likely than dogs to have anal gland problems.
An alternative hypothesis would be that the adenocarcinomas associated with PPD are actually anal gland adenocarcinomas rather than rectal adenocarcinomas.
Vomit, diarrhoea, blood, pus, ear wax, anal gland secretion and severe tissue trauma are all up there.
THERE are a few things that can cause this, including fleas or an allergy, anal gland problems, spinal pain, obsessive compulsive behaviour or stress or frustration.
They were hunted to extinction in this country for their fur and, would you believe, the pain-relieving properties of their anal gland secretions.
A Anal gland blockage is a common problem in dogs and causes the "scooting" behaviour you have seen.
Anal gland infections often need a long course of antibiotics.
YOUR dog may have some irritation after he has been to the toilet, such as a problem with his anal gland, or intestinal parasites.
Suspecting an anal gland problem, a close inspection of his rear end was required.
A The function of the anal gland originally was to use their pungent secretion as a marker in the wild.
Poppy has suffered from recurrent anal gland impaction for a long time.