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a metabolic process that breaks down carbohydrates and sugars through a series of reactions to either pyruvic acid or lactic acid and releases energy for the body in the form of ATP

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In our previous microdialysis study using anterior nucleus of the thalamus (ANT) stimulation in a model of temporal lobe epilepsy, we also found inhibition of hippocampal anaerobic metabolism during ANT DBS.
In addition, LDH catalyzes the conversion between pyruvate and lactate involved in postmortem muscle glycolysis, and also has a main function for the muscle anaerobic metabolism.
2]) and anaerobic metabolism ([Lac]), and by a change in heart rate.
Something more basic is going on, and it appears to me that it's the mitochondrial dysfunction as well as it consequent preference for anaerobic metabolism that causes downstream variable mutations in the nuclear DNA.
The fourth mode was an intense exercise mode with dominant involvement of anaerobic metabolism (M-ANAEM).
Therefore, in our study, we considered all possibilities by selecting athletes with different stress, endurance, struggle, and competition levels, particularly those athletes who make use of the anaerobic metabolism energy system.
The fish aren't simply holding their breath; instead, they are going into this anaerobic metabolism.
When the referee stop the fight by few seconds, and the karateka immediately practices an offensive techniques, probably the karateka used anaerobic metabolism lactic because incomplete resynthesis of the creatine phosphate (Roschel and collaborators, 2009).
Extract of Hunteria eburnea, improves the anaerobic metabolism of the muscular glucose, which allows the athletes to get extra energy and consequently better resistance and a longer duration of physical effort.
Anaerobic metabolism causes oxygen debt growth and lactic acid production keeping high heart rate values (2), (3).
The black area denotes anaerobic metabolism, the glycolytic pathway.
LDH is an important enzyme involved in the energy metabolism of the body, and thus can be used as an indicator to evaluate the myocardial anaerobic metabolism of skeletal muscle, liver, and kidney (Tian et al.
In anaerobic metabolism (alcohol fermentation), pyruvate, primarily produced in glycolysis, is transformed into acetaldehyde by pyruvate decarboxylase enzyme and the acetaldehyde is reduced to ethanol by ADH.