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Synonyms for anaerobic

living or active in the absence of free oxygen

not aerobic


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Pfister prospectively investigated 370 clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria over 6 months.
They also eat the dead anaerobic bacteria thereby eventually eliminating all of the anaerobic bacteria in the pond and making the water fresh from top to bottom.
The central portions of the Catalina Basin bones still contain large lipid concentrations, which are being decomposed by anaerobic bacteria.
Antimicrobial resistance patterns for many anaerobic bacteria have changed significantly over the last several years, resulting in a lack of predictability for many species.
The white paper details new techniques for isolating and identifying anaerobic bacteria in organisms.
Then anaerobic bacteria would break down the matter and produce a biogas as a waste product.
An increase in methylamine molecules in the exhaled breath can indicate that the patient has a liver or kidney problem; an increase in ammonia indicates renal failure; the presence of nitric acid and H2O2 indicate presence of asthma; a sweet fruity smell indicates the presence of ketone bodies; and a fishy odour indicates anaerobic bacteria in the lower urinary track.
Thus, the reduction in anaerobic bacteria after circumcision provides protection from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.
It is possible that the virtual elimination of anaerobic bacteria by circumcision contributes to these benefits of the procedure," said Ronald H.
USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist Cheryl Spence reported the results of a study in which "dusting" hog manure with borax powder--the same substance used in laundry detergents--helps to neutralize the malodorous microbes, which include sulfate-reductng (SR) and other anaerobic bacteria.
The air diffuser pipe(s) are arranged at a position lower than the vertical position of the inlet such that an aerobic zone and an anaerobic zone can be formed in an upper part and a lower part of the treatment tank to effect degradation of soluble organics in the organically-polluted water primarily with aerobic bacteria and to effect degradation of solid organics in the organically-polluted water primarily with anaerobic bacteria, respectively.
Strong detergents can irritate sensitive genital skin and even encourage the growth of anaerobic bacteria in women, resulting in a strong offensive-smelling discharge - not the desired effect at all.
Anaerobic bacteria break down organic material in wastewater from the brewing process.
Anaerobic bacteria, or microbes that don't require oxygen to grow, live in your mouth.