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An idiot, according to the Act, was "any person to be naturally wanting of understanding, so as to be uncapable to provide for him or herself.
Don't be an idiot and pass up this unique, contemporary presentation of Catholicism.
An Idiot Abroad returns to our screens this month, and this time Karl Pilkington has got some company.
The play is adapted from Michel Faber's dark and fantastical short story by both Told By An Idiot and director Matthew Dunster, and tells the tale of a brother and sister who live with their scientist parents on a remote arctic exploration station.
Summary: Karl Pilkington has become a lot more famous since his television series An Idiot Abroad took off, but says fame hasn't changed him.
IT'S known for its comic take on things - but theatre company Told By An Idiot is exploring its dark side with its latest production.
Heidi said: "She never says anything, but just giggles with Sov like an idiot.
Stupid is someone who is 'bewakoof' (unintelligent), but being an idiot is a good thing and not wrong.
After singing ``Happiness'' from ``Passions,'' McPhee quotes Shakespeare as saying ``Happiness is a tale told by an idiot.
Kinga said: "It's not very nice calling people an idiot.
Why it smokes: Isn't everyone an idiot when it comes to betting?
Granted, it's not easy to seethe in silence when you're being called an idiot and a poltroon (and an ungrateful poltroon at that), but seething in silence was the ticket to coexistence when they got him, and it's still the ticket.
Summary: An Idiot Abroad returns for a second series with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant sending Karl Pilkington off to work through his bucket list.
If they want to believe I'm in a toy store and an altercation comes about because some guy called me an idiot, then they're idiots.
Nephew told his wife he didn't believe her and added, ``And besides, Peter Vecsey is an idiot.