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a commercially operated park with stalls and shows for amusement

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Most roller coasters taller than 200 feet at one amusement park (5)
We just finished last month inspecting the amusement parks in Jeddah ahead of the summer festival and have made sure that all park rides are safe," Al-Amri said.
Cedar Point amusement park/resort has been named 'Best Amusement Park in the World' in the annual Golden Ticket Awards, presented by Amusement Today newspaper.
The new rules adopt regulations governing the qualifications of amusement park and carnival ride inspectors.
Fackler wants federal oversight of amusement parks.
The ministry also said cracks have been found in axles of eight more high-speed roller coasters in seven amusement parks as a result of an emergency survey, which was carried out following a fatal roller coaster derailment accident at the Expoland amusement park in Osaka Prefecture in May.
An aerial view of Six Flags California's Magic Mountain, whic h may be sold along with other amusement parks to help pay the parent company's debt, shows the looping trails of the park's many roller coasters.
This was a long process, beginning with mothers and children at the beach and by the mid-20s with baby contests, playgrounds and mini-rides for toddlers at seaside resorts, gradually displacing the older tradition of mostly-adult crowds at amusement parks and beaches.
More than 328,000,000 fun seekers visited amusement parks and attractions in 2004.
Merlin Entertainments owns 28 amusement parks in eight European countries.
XTREMEX3 has launched its next-generation multimedia data fusion system for amusement parks and attractions.
Nowadays, however more and more department stores are abolishing or scaling down their rooftop amusement parks, whereas suburban supermarkets and malls have indoor amusement facilities for children.
Markey and former CPSC Chairman Ann Brown argued that CPSC's data showed striking increases in injury rates at fixed-site amusement parks, and that CPSC needed to have jurisdiction over these parks in order to protect the public.
The freedom and happiness promised by the uniquely American topography of wide open roads and amusement parks is tainted by a certain Euro-trash tristesse and dusted with a fine layer of the weary nobility exuded by aging drag queens.
Though that number may seem high, says John Graff, executive director of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, you have to consider that 400 to 500 million people take billions of rides each year.