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Over the night, the Amur river, which serves as a natural border with China where it is known as Heilong Jiang, has risen by 16 centimetres (6.
00pm) The actor visits eastern Russia, where he meets Nanai people, who fish for northern pike in the Amur river.
Although Khabarovsk is known as the Nice of the east because it shares the same latitude as the French city, Robson discovers it has very little else in common with the Mediterranean resort as ice flows down the Amur river.
Also Monday, Medvedev and Hu announced completion of construction of a Russia-China oil pipeline, which stretches from Russia's Skovorodino to China's Daqing through Mohe on the two countries' Amur River border.
Nowhere is this more evident than along the Amur River, which forms a 1,755-mile-long border with China and is the largest free-flowing fiver in the Eastern Hemisphere.
Later-maturing or "autumn" chum salmon generally return to spawn from September through November in streams in Japan, the southern Kuril Islands, the west coast of Sahkalin Island, and the Amur River (Sano, 1966).
Relations with its former ally, the Soviet Union, were so bad that their respective armies were exchanging deadly gunfire along the Amur River frontier and leaders on both sides talked of the inevitability of war.
The Amur River is one of the longest free-flowing rivers in the world, extending some 4,400 kilometers (2,700 miles) from the mountains of Mongolia to the Sea of Okhotsk (Figure 1).
The provinces of rock art described in this book range from the north-west of European Russia, south to the Caucasus, east to the Urals, and on to the Yenesei valleys, the Altai, Lake Baikal and the Lena River, and then far to the east, the Amur River, and north to Chukotka and the Bering Strait.
3, officials administering the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), announced that the treaty will from now on prohibit international commerce in all sturgeon from the Caspian Sea basin, the Black Sea--lower Danube River basin, and the Amur River basin of Russia and China.
sinensis is found only in the Amur River area on the Russian-Chinese border (2).
On July 9, 2003, Russia's newest hydro-electric power station, the Bureya dam, located on the Amur River in the Far Eastern Amur Region was officially inaugurated.
The second migration occurred approximately 7,000-9,500 BP and consisted of immigrants from Kamchatka and the Lower Amur River basin in eastern Siberia.
White-naped cranes breed in the wetlands and grasslands of the Amur River basin along the China-Russia border and in northeastern Mongolia.
Its Northern climate and remote location restrict commercial agricultural production to a few Southern regions in the fertile Amur River valley and low lands of Southern Primore.