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a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath


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Amun 3 also contains other layers containing oil and gas extracted from layers of sand.
Her other title, "Chantress of Amun," means that she was a member of the temple "choir" or rhythm section that sang, clapped, and shook the sistrum, a rattle used in religious rituals.
Right there, ancient maps had erroneously located the temple of Amun, some 62 miles south of Siwa.
Upon being crowned pharaoh, Hatshepsut gave the title that used to be her favorite, God's Wife of Amun, to her daughter Neferura, and took on all of her father's titles except the Great Bull.
The Ancient Worlds gallery will contain the famous Leeds mummy, Natsef- Amun, who will take up residence in a recreation of an ancient Egyptian tomb.
Whitsell lists some of the African-American theatres based in Nashville: SistaS-tyle Productions, Dream 7 Theatre Productions, Collards & Caviar Productions, Nairobi Cafe, American Negro Playwright Theatre and the Amun Ra Theatre.
One exhibit, the mummified remains of Asru, a chantress at the Temple of Amun in Karnak, has been seen unwrapped at Manchester Museum for 120 years.
The receiving temple, the part of the complex most familiar to us today, integrates with the landscape in a manner totally different than did the pyramids, of course, and while there are royal burials in the vicinity, the king (Hatshepsut) here discreetly steps to one side, as it were, to maintain the focus on Amun.
The two columns of inscription on the black pillar comprise additional offering formulas invoking the god Amun of Karnak as the Living Ram, and the deities Mut of Ascheru and Khonsu of Thebes.
Spend a full day exploring the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and the Treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun.
This abundantly illustrated volume is a comprehensive catalog of those deities from Osiris and Amun to Babi and Ba-Pef.
2) Light and shadow heighten the drama of the 45-foot columns in ``Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Amun, Karnak.
Determination to rewrite history is also seen in the official version of the queen's proclamation and accession, where the choice of her as ruler is made, not by inheritance or acclamation, but by the oracle of the god Amun, leader of the Egyptian pantheon and ruler of the royal city of Thebes.
The success of the original LUXOR game was quickly followed by LUXOR Amun Rising, making LUXOR the #1 casual game brand of last year and the biggest arcade-style puzzle game ever launched in the casual space.