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Synonyms for amphitheatre

a sloping gallery with seats for spectators (as in an operating room or theater)

an oval large stadium with tiers of seats

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RAJESH MISHRA DOHA A COLOURFUL musical extravaganza will mark the opening of the muchawaited amphitheatre of Katara, the Cultural Village, on Sunday with several Oscar-winning stars including Greek composer Vangelis and actor Jeremy Irons on stage.
Coinciding with the fourth United Nations Alliance of Civilisation Forum, the grand opening of the amphitheatre will take place in the presence of members of the royal family, several heads of states and ministers participating in the forum.
IT MIGHT look like a rock, but to archaeologists it is "the most conclusive proof" yet that gladiatorial games actually took place in Chester's Amphitheatre.
The conference, which will feature speakers from across the world, will also reveal that Chester's amphitheatre has more in common with the Colosseum in Rome than was ever suspected.
The amphitheatre consists of two main grandstands, east and west, each of which can accommodate 30 000 spectators shaded by double curved polycarbonate roofs, modern velaria, the front edges of which are supported on huge trussed steel arches.
The amphitheatre has been in use for a while as a football stadium, and has worked well so far.
ARCHAEOLOGISTS excavating Chester's amphitheatre have unearthed a main stairway thought to have been lost hundreds of years ago.
They had an idea of the stairway's location after last year's dig uncovered the main entrance to the amphitheatre, but feared it would no longer exist.
Under the summer stars, millions of fans across the country will be rediscovering amphitheatre performances, and enjoying music the way that it was meant to be heard - live
In addition, as part of the event, Clear Channel Entertainment will bring super-tours Lollapalooza and Ozzfest 2003 to amphitheatres where concert-goers can enjoy the camaraderie and energy of outdoor music festivals.
Outdoor amphitheatres are fun for me; I love playing them.
We believe these are two of the premier indoor and outdoor amphitheatres in the world and will result in substantial benefits for the fans and the city of Los Angeles.
The tour, which is being produced by SFX and Stiefel Entertainment, will visit amphitheatres and arenas in 42 cities from coast to coast.
Taking pre-concert entertainment to a new level, Procter & Gamble and SFX will launch a music-themed game show called the Pringles Pop Quiz at 31 of SFX's amphitheatres across the country during the 2001 summer concert season.
What better testament of that strategy than for the nation's premier specialty consumer electronics retailer to utilize SFX amphitheatres as a platform to introduce its brand in important new markets like Chicago and Camden/Philadelphia.