Amphiprion percula

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an anemone fish of the genus Amphiprion

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Effect of ration size and feeding frequency on growth, size distribution and survival of juvenile clown fish, Amphiprion percula.
En Amphiprion percula se observo que las glandulas gastricas aparecen en diferentes momentos, a 5 dpe (Gordon & Hecht, 2002) 11 dpe (Onal et al, 2008), diferencias que tambien serian atribuibles a la temperatura y fotoperiodo.
Histological studies on the development of the digestive system of the clownfish Amphiprion percula and the time of weaning.
When the Amphiprion percula reached adulthood, they were given a choice between a water stream containing the odour of common predators like the rock cod or a stream lacking predatory odours.
Effect of feed type and age-at-weaning on growth and survival of clownfish Amphiprion percula (Pomacentridae).