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a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs

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When you're picking a battery, it's important point here is that to judge value, use a dollar cost per amp hour rather than simply the battery price.
So, on a 4 amp hour battery this will last about four hours.
The 40 Amp hour batteries join other options for the industrial-grade SSG UPSs including, an SNMP/HTTP agent board, frequency converter and ICB conformal coating.
Developed for conventional charging applications that use a diverse set of batteries and cell counts, the Auto Range Curve dynamic software option can accept a minimum and a maximum amp hour capacity per cell size as needed.
Data monitored includes amp hour throughput and run time.
The initial 75 amp hours "Motive" power battery built at the BCRI facility is smaller and lighter than a similar 75 amp hour battery built by Douglas Battery: