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an antibiotic

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were Amoxycillin capsules, Paracetamol Phenylephrine HCl, Chlorpheniramine Maleate and Caffeine and Sinarest tablets.
These days, I'm more confident about my medical knowledge than my football ability - omeprazole reduces acid in the stomach and amoxycillin is an antibiotic.
The antibiotic most commonly detected by HPLC was amoxycillin (11 patients) followed by trimethoprim/ sulphamethoxazole (9 patients) and then cephalexin and cefuroxime (4 patients each).
He said the doctor diagnosed a chest infection and prescribed Amoxycillin a penicillin based anti-biotic.
The most frequently prescribed individual antimicrobials to patients in the age group 21 to 40 years were amoxycillin 250mg and co-trimoxazole 480mg (Table 4).
Also in cases like his, treatment could be given with a course of antibiotics such as Amoxycillin - a derivative of penicillin.
5000x 500mg paracetamol Tabs 50 x 250 mg Amoxycillin 100 x 5ml Amoxycillin 250 x 1500 Amoxycillin Caps BP 1500 x 200mg Ibuprofen Tabs BP 28 x 10mg istin Tabs 14 x 400mg Didronel pmo 76x 500 mg cacit calsum carbonat.
herpes, cold sores and shingles; and amoxycillin, a common antibiotic.
The genes used include lactam antibiotics, from which ampicillin and amoxycillin medicines are used as a first defence against chest infections.
Comparison of ofloxacin otic solution with oral amoxycillin plus chloramphenicol ear drop in treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media with acute exacerbation.
Amoxycillin and doxycycline are now known to be equally effective, and some public officials have gone so far as to say that just about every antibiotic currently known will work.
The most popular products of antibiotics are penicillin and its derivatives ampicillin and amoxycillin trihydrate.
This plant is being set up at Kahuta to produce ampicillin and amoxycillin in different forms.
Tenders are invited for Cap / Tab Containing Amoxycillin 250Mg Plus Clavulanic Acid 125 Mg 375 Mg
It is alleged companies conspired to inflate the price of the antibiotic amoxycillin by up to 260 per cent.