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an antibiotic

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Some variability was observed in amoxicilin activity against the tested bacteria, which could be explained by less sensibility of some strains to this antibiotic.
Amoxicilin plus clavulanic acid versus appendicectomy for treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis: an open-label, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial.
5%, Bayer AG, Lewerkusa, Germany), and amoxicilin clavulanate (100 mg/kg SC q24h for 14 days; Noroclav inj, Norbrook Laboratories, Newry, Northern Ireland).
Tetracycline (30 [micro]g/disk), Gentamicine (30 [micro]g/disk), Oxacillin (1 [micro]g/disk), Ketoconazole (20 [micro]g/disk) Amoxicilin (10 [micro]g/disk) and Benomil (20 [micro]g/disk) were used as positive reference standards to determine the sensitivity of the microorganisms.