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a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath


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Shahin expects major foreign companies to acquire local pharmaceutical companies in the near future in the same vein as Canada's Valeant Pharmaceuticals' recent acquisition of Amoun.
Amoun operates a large, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that is considered to be one of the largest and most up-to-date pharmaceutical facilities in Africa and the Middle East and has market leading pharmaceutical brands in therapeutic areas such as anti-hypertensives, broad spectrum antibiotics and anti-diarrheals.
The company has discovered the Unas and Amoun fields over the past year and has announced plans to drill 270 wells in the country during the course of 2013, including 60 exploration wells.
According to Minister Ghosn, Rayed was aware of his partners' (Omar Al Atrash, Sami Al Atrash, Zuhair Hussein Amoun, Sameh Al Baridi and Ahmad Abdel Karim Hmayyed) setting up several booby traps to explode them in Beirut's southern suburbs and other Lebanese regions.
Amoun Sleem is one of the Domari, the gypsy community of Jerusalem.
Tut Ankh Amoun is listed as one of ten famous people who died young.
Finishing school in 1976, he undertook a course on hospitality management at a hotel college, which is now Amoun University.
ISLAMABAD -- All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Central Secretary Coordination Muhammad Amoun Pasha refuting a news item published in a section of press regarding decision of APML Quaid to close APML party offices in Pakistan.
ISLAMABAD -- All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Youth Wing Secretary General Muhammad Amoun Pasha has welcomed the decision of British government not to extradite APML Quaid Pervez Musharraf from UK.
1]) is the equilibrium adsorption amoun of MB at different initial dye concentrations.
University of Texas Press, 2002), 304-29; Tim Vivian, "Everything Made by God is Good: A Letter Concerning Sexuality from Saint Athanasius to the Monk Amoun," Eglise et theologie 24 (1993): 75-108.
At a press conference yesterday, the Spokesperson for the SPLM parliamentary caucus Ammar Amoun Daldoum, described the step as "illegal" on the grounds that the parties boycotted parliament not without reason because certain bills were not tabled for deliberation.
In 2006, Griffin served as Managing Director for the investment banking team representing the key shareholders in the divestiture of their interests in Amoun Pharmaceuticals, Egypt's domestic leader in the production of pharmaceutical products.
It was a p not to me implicati which prom branch out f into fashion Having m Attic2 - the brand she ru partner Lyn realised a fe creative pro large amoun material.
6 -The amoun of Government has first-time buyers under its newly-Direct scheme "Loan to value has increased slightly but if it's still 85% and the average price on Teesside is around pounds 100,000, who's got pounds 15,000 to put down?