Amorphophallus titanum

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malodorous tropical plant having a spathe that resembles the corolla of a morning glory and attains a diameter of several feet

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It was the Amorphophallus titanum, or giant calla lily, whose native home is Sumatra.
First discovered by Italian botanist Odoardo Beccari in Sumatra in 1878, the Titan Arum, or Amorphophallus titanum, is a member of the Family Araceae, the Aroids or Arum plants.
Amorphophallus titanum is known as the "corpse flower" because it reeks of rotting flesh.
tting The show sees him getting up close and personal with several old chums, including the great Titan arum - the nickname he coined for amorphophallus titanum, originally filmed in its native Sumatra for his BBC series The Private Life of Plants.
The Amorphophallus Titanum weighed in at a whopping 153.
The Amorphophallus titanum grows in the Sumatran rainforests and is reputed to have the world's largest and smelliest flower
The Amorphophallus titanum, known to Indonesians as the ``corpse flower,'' exudes an odor that some say is like garbage or rotting flesh.
to admire the 11th Amorphophallus titanum, or corpse flower, ever to bloom in the United States.
THE most-widely reported foul smell is amorphophallus titanum, better known as the Corpse Flower.
The wilting Amorphophallus titanum - the rotting-smell ``corpse flower'' that has drawn more than 50,000 visitors to the Huntington Botanical Gardens in the past week - has disproved all those myths.
The plant, with the technical name amorphophallus titanum, is rare outside its native Sumatra and only ten have blossomed in the United States this century.
But that isn't the strangest - that crown goes to the mother of all flowers, amorphophallus titanum.
Indeed, the thousands who came to the Huntington expecting their noses to be offended by the Amorphophallus titanum caught only a faint whiff of the foul scent.
A main attraction is the fleeting beauty of the first Amorphophallus titanum to bloom in California and only the 10th in the United States.
Officials said the Amorphophallus titanum had grown to about six feet tall and started blooming Sunday.