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As one of the key amino acid residues, Phe120 was very significant in the selectivity and region-specificity of substrates binding and catalysis in catalytic site of CYP2D6 (Keizers et al.
of the medium, thereby destroying the positive charge on the amino acid residue (see Chart 6).
Eight structures were found in the precursors of putative oligopeptides after translation of nucleotide sequences to amino acid residue sequences and comparison of their precursors with precursors of known oligopeptides (or with oligopeptides only).
Analyses of the effects of changes at amino acid residues 10 and 17 could not be made, as these positions could not be modeled using either of the template protein structures.
In 1957 Ingram demonstrated that sickle cell anemia was caused by the replacement of one of the 287 amino acid residues in the half molecule of hemoglobin (2).
Similarly, a separate, recently published report* from the IAVI Neutralizing Antibody Center at The Scripps Research Institute showed how a different broadly neutralizing HIV antibody also binds to the virus via two sugars and a string of amino acid residues.
This threshold was then used to identify the 52 species-associated positions at which each of the 2 viruses settles as a distinct amino acid residue that is characteristic of the host.
In the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Telios scientists report that the selectivity is conferred on the TP-9201 molecule by an arginine amino acid residue that is in proximity to the RGD sequence.
In this study we computed for every amino acid position (distributed in the 11 known influenza viral ORFs) an entropy value that represents how conserved an amino acid residue is at that given position.
Novo Nordisk A/S (Bagsvaerd, Denmark) has patented insulin precursors and insulin precursor analogs having a mini C-peptide comprising at least one aromatic amino acid residue have an increased folding stability.
In contrast, the PB2-627 amino acid residue of the pigeon isolate (KU-03) remained unchanged (glutamic acid).
On a weight basis, hexaglycine had higher reactivity, but this is explained by a lower mass per amino acid residue, and per mole of peptide bond, it had a reactivity similar to that of albumin.
Osaka, Japan) has patented a human parathyroid hormone mutein which comprises at least one modification selected from the group consisting of (i) deletion of 3 to 6 amino acid residues on the N-terminal side in the amino acid sequence of human parathyroid hormones, (ii) substitution of another lipophilic amino acid residue for at least one methionine residue in the amino acid sequence, and (iii) substitution of a cysteine residue for one amino acid residue within the region of amino acid residue Nos.
Group-specific amino acid residue at positions 122, 135, 139, 167, 175, and 233 differentiated between groups A and B.
were used for capture: one detects an epitope at amino acids 41-49 and the other an epitope after amino acid residue 110 in the C-terminal region.