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a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes

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Tenders are invited for Simplified Battery Charger For 25 Kv Ac, Input 400/415V Ac, 50 C/S, 3 Phase Supply, 110V Dc 20 Amps With Mcb, Voltmeter Ameter For Ac Electric Locomotives As Per Clw Specn.
AMETER OF URGENCY: Customers face price rises of up to 17 per cent' pounds 1023 JULY 2006' pounds 892 MARCH 2006' pounds 796 OCTOBER 2005' pounds 714 *MARCH 2004
Tenders are invited for Battery Ameter Without Shunt Drg.
0 Amps, Coil Voltage Of 380 - 415V With Suitable Ameter And Voltmeter, R Y S Indication Lamps, Dry Run Protection Unit And On And Off Push Buttons In Sheet Steel Enclosure.
Tenders are invited for Load Ameter Shunt 1500 Amp.