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In addition to quality and pricing, the American whiskey business has finally started to reap the benefits of the cocktail revolution (see sidebar).
If you were wondering how the American whiskey business is doing these days, a glance at The New York Times this past summer might provide a hint.
Obviously there are a lot of positive things happening with American whiskeys, particularly in the superpremium segment, where small batches, single barrels and extra-aged bottlings continue to sell exceptionally well and draw attention to the category.
That, in turn, has raised awareness of not just the new small batch or single barrel whiskies, or even bourbons as a whole, but the wide variety of American whiskey being produced by old distilleries and newcomers alike.
Batch carries over a dozen American whiskeys, priced $8.
Scientists at the University of California-Davis have profiled 60 American whiskeys, resulting in information useful for whiskey makers and regulators.
The company will renovate the original administrative building to bring to life the history of the Stitzel-Weller Distillery through artifacts from the site s archives, a whiskey education section, an homage to Kentucky and a celebration of the heritage, brands and people behind Diageo s award-winning American whiskeys.
It's going to start a whole rush of interest in very high-end bourbons, American whiskeys and American spirits.
and his team profiled 60 American whiskeys, which resulted in a treasure trove of information that could prove useful for whiskey-makers large and small as well as for regulators.
The event was part of the American Spirits seminar hosted by The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States ( DISCUS), which introduced consumers and functionaries of the hospitality industry to the heritage, distinct flavours and versatility of American whiskeys.
American whiskeys have to compete with scotch, which is more established internationally.
In a carve-up of the old Seagram group, Diageo gets Captain Morgan rum and Crown American whiskeys, while Pernod Ricard takes Chivas Regal scotch.
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