American sycamore

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very large spreading plane tree of eastern and central North America to Mexico

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I mean with a book title like American Sycamore and a cover photo of a couple of teenagers goofing around in a painted canoe, it doesn't exactly scream "Hellooo Wales
I had to write a whole book in order to satisfy my feeling of being homeless and adrift: engaging my vision and old perceptions to write American Sycamore, a funny and fractious and hopefully forgiving narrative about what people get up to when they think nobody's aware, nobody's watching.
Webber said it is the second-oldest American sycamore tree in the state.
We have seen some big projects featuring quartered American sycamore.
Also, he added, "An American sycamore project at Carnegie Hair in New York City has randomly matched panels that create a beautiful array of flake sizes.
A marginal soil might have excellent site quality for loblolly pine yet be poor for American sycamore.
A long term study (15 years of data reported here) was initiated in 1983 to characterize and compare the productivity of loblolly pine, American sycamore, and tall fescue on 13 marginal soils.
There are three kinds of sycamores in the United States: the native American sycamore (of which there are three species: American, California, and Arizona); the smaller Oriental; and the London planetree, a durable hybrid recognized in the early 1700s when the American and Oriental trees genetically crossed in Europe.
Somewhat smaller than the American sycamore, bloodgood has slightly smaller leaves and a more greenish tinge overall.
His company is getting calls from clients eager to buy American sycamore veneer.
says his Shelbyville, KY, company has received several calls about American sycamore veneer and he plans to look at logs with the idea of purchasing some.
American sycamore grows alone or in stands primarily in the United States from Maine west to Nebraska and southward to Florida and Texas.
Contemporary uses for American sycamore include lumber and veneer, paneling, interior.
Anthracnose fungal disease is widespread in North America, affecting all three American sycamores.
Long a major north-south artery, Kingshighway was planted to American sycamores during the 1920s.
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