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Synonyms for slang



Synonyms for slang

informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions

a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)

use slang or vulgar language

Related Words

abuse with coarse language

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In the early 1950s American slang was associated with working-class subcultures, especially bodgies and widgies, and was therefore seen as an aberrant trait (Stratton 1992, 3).
Green gives the same illustrative quotations as the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, except the 1971 quotation is worded slightly differently, thus:
She performed in comedy sketches using American slang, introduced swing records, and made what some later called "propaganda statements.
He wants, as we might say in American slang, the Palestinians to surrender and say "Uncle".
However, an American slang term of the 1860s, "bully for you", gave the word a more positive sense again.
Semantic change is an important part of African American slang and involves two mechanisms: figuration and shifting.
The photos showed the soldier wearing two different T-shirts - each emblazoned with the phrase Keep Calm and Chive On, American slang for "staying the course no matter what".
Y buscando los sentidos del termino en el excelente Dictionary of American Slang, de Wentworth y Flexner que recomiendo ampliamente a los aficionados al American (que poco tiene que ver con esas elegancias que se hablan en Inglaterra) me encuentro con que fall guy es un chivo expiatorio, el miembro de una banda que debe cargar con la culpa.
The discussion ends with some role reversal as we teach American slang to our teachers, who struggle with the flat r's, to our amusement.
In American slang, it's not good if someone has your number.
Oik is an English slang term meaning rude and crude, somewhat like clod in American slang.
From the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang we find that the reference to "hump" goes back to the 1800's.
For instance, on American Slang the song "Bring It On" lifts its "wait a minute" refrain from "Hey, Mr.
GASLIGHT ANTHEM American Slang New Jersey band channel Bruce Springsteen here, especially in Bring It On with it's hearton-its-sleeve lyrics and strained vocals.
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