American sign language

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the sign language used in the United States

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That is what we can take from Significant Gestures: A History of American Sign Language.
A very affordably priced hardcover picturebook, Help Me Learn Counting 1-10 in American Sign Language is a counting book with a twist - it shows children how to make the American Sign Language handsign for each number from one to ten.
American Sign Language, for instance, is different from British Sign Language, which is different from Irish Sign Language.
There are diverse communication needs involved in these meetings, such as American Sign Language users and those individuals who only use speech as their communication mode.
Martin Noretsky utilized a combination of multimedia technologies, relevant learning theories and research about the effectiveness of iconicity (visual aids) to create this CD-ROM based instruction of American Sign Language.
Multimedia 2000, Seattle, has released American Sign Language Dictionary in GOLD and PLATINUM editions.
8 issue indicated that Tidewater Community College would offer Virginia's first associate's degree in American Sign Language beginning this spring semester.
This aspect of deafness has caught the interest of scholars in the humanities in recent decades, beginning with linguistic research into American Sign Language in the 1950s.
Training: Look for classes on linguistics and the technical aspects of American Sign Language at your local community college.
In fact, more than 10 languages are spoken fluently at Grace Plaza, and one staff member is fluent in American Sign Language, as well.
American Sign Language (ASL) users - persons who communicate fluently in ASL as their primary language 2.
Through a new partnership with Language Services Associates (LSA), one of the largest and fastest-growing language services providers in the world, UAMC will have 24 / 7 access to qualified and experienced American Sign Language and foreign language interpreters on a computer screen within moments.
American Sign Language (ASL); a) Provide interpreting services via interpreters who are trained in the structure of American Sign Language who can translate from spoken English into American Sign Language and from American Sign Language into spoken English.
Even though American Sign Language (ASL) and English are totally diverse languages in that one, ASL, is a visual language and English, in its spoken form, is an auditory language, their manner of acquisition is strikingly similar, in that the brain readily encodes both a visual language and an auditory language in like fashion.
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