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an annual race for three-year-old horses

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Valencia's Aaron Staudinger is fourth in points in the American Race Trucks Southwest Region standings, with Deyon Young at the top.
The former NASCAR Grand American Modified driver at Irwindale Speedway is competing in his first season on the American Race Trucks Series and notching his first win gives the Saugus High graduate confidence for the rest of this season and especially next season.
Saturday night's American Race Truck event will be shown July 12 and the Featherlite Food 4 Less 150 will be broadcast July 19.
And three classes will be making their season debuts: USAC three-quarter midgets, the American Race Truck series and Irwindale's NASCAR Modified 4 division, which raced as Mini Stock last year.
Rain at Irwindale Speedway: Rain washed out Saturday (April 7) night's USAC Midget races at Irwindale Speedway, along with NASCAR Late Models, Super Stocks, Modified 4s and American Race Trucks.
In addition, NASCAR Late Models, Super Stocks, Modified 4s and the American Race Trucks will race at Irwindale Speedway.
In addition to Three-Quarter Midget action, Irwindale Speedway will also feature NASCAR Super Stocks, American Race Trucks and figure-8 racing.
Deyon Young of Las Vegas won the 40-lap American Race Trucks feature.
Cornelia James Cannon and the Future American Race provides a fine biography of the life of Cornelia James Cannon, the wife of a Harvard professor and mother of five who became a writer and reformer, producing novels and essays during the 1920s and 30s on a range of controversial topics.
CoGS members also viewed a powerful video, Indecently Exposed, which documented an anti-racism exercise that American race activist Jane Elliot ran in Regina.
And from the 1910s until his death, Harrison wrote countless articles for the African American press on political strategy, the state of American race relations, and the development of black theatre, po etry, and literature, among numerous other subjects.
Other notes of interest: Darrell Lamoure, a former American Race Trucks Series driver from Phoenix, will be trying to make his first start of the season.
As even this quick summary conveys, Cott manages to cover a lot of ground in this brief book, from American race and gender relations, to negotiations of nationality.
The district court enjoined officials from refusing to consider the inmate's request solely on the basis that he was not of the Native American race, and the officials appealed.
Simpson, the whole country gasped again and - well, Beverly Hills and Brentwood were not torched, but American race relations took a sharp turn for the ugly.
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