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a free-reed instrument in which air is drawn in through reeds by suction bellows

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From 2002 through 2004, the African American Organ Transplant Study I (AAOTS I) conducted an empirical assessment of 588 African Americans' perception of the current altruistic organ-donation system.
Worse, some believe that African American organ donors are not needed.
Much is made of the fact that the Tynesider's dining saloon is apart from the sleeping berths, that the vessel has electric light throughout, that the saloon on deck boasts an American organ and a piano and there are spacious decks for promenading.
Mr and Mrs William Laird also gave a generous endowment towards the building fund and donated an American organ, which,although no longer in use, is still in the church.
He also writes engagingly about the American organ builders Ernst M.
The need for African American organ donors is on the rise
They remained an important ingredient of American organ recitals until the 1940s, when romantic-style organs fell out of fashion and were often replaced by ones better suited to contrapuntally oriented early and modern music.
After pausing to examine a number of technical features, and giving illuminating reproductions of advertisements for the harmonium, pump organ, American organ and even Liszt organ, Smith passes to things still more exotic, having first reminded us that the much maligned reed organ had quite a large repertory, including Saint-Saens's Op.
Uniting African American organ donor recipients and families is a tremendous way for us to rally together and spread the message that being an organ donor is extremely important for our community," said Henderson.
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