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valued for its fur

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American marten in the NLP of Michigan used resting sites that were associated with large diameter trees, high basal area and high percent canopy closure.
Numerous studies have shown the use of resting sites between the underside of the snowpack and the ground is prevalent across a large portion of the American marten range (Chapin et al.
Pacific Martens (Martes caurina), previously referred to as American Marten (Martes americana, Dawson and Cook 2012), once resided throughout the coastal forests of northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia (Merriam 1890; Grinnell and others 1937; Yocom 1974).
Home range and dispersal of the American Marten in northeastern Oregon.
In addition, because many private landowners do not allow trapping, there's a greater probability of finding populations of American marten for study and radio tracking.
1992), particularly American marten (Robitaille & Cobb 2003), fisher (Robitaille & Jensen 2005) and wolverine (Pond et al.
Seasonal and sexual differences in American marten diet in northeastern Oregon.
Key words: American Marten, camera survey, carnivore, Cascades, Gulo gulo, Martes americana, Martes caurina, Sierra Nevada Red Fox, Oregon, Vulpes vulpes necator, Wolverine
The additional species included 28 sets of American marten (Martes americana) tracks, 49 sets of raccoon (Procyon lotor) tracks and numerous small mammal tracks.
American marten [Martes americana]) using standard field guides (Murie 1954, Halfpenny 1986, Rezendes 1999).
Most Fisher harvested in the Yukon are likely taken incidental to a targeted harvest of American Marten (Martes americana; hereafter Marten), and it is not mandatory to report Fisher harvested in the Yukon for personal use.
Winter home-range characteristics of American marten (Martes americana) in northern Wisconsin.
As we near our destination, it's not a gift we seek, but rather a small carnivore in the weasel family--the American marten (Martes americana).
Literature on the ecology of American marten (Mattes americana) in Wisconsin is scarce.
And, like the obsessed wildlife photographer that I am, I feel compelled to continue onward in pursuit of the elusive American marten, or pine marten, as it is commonly known.
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