American licorice

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North American plant similar to true licorice and having a root with similar properties

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the premium gourmet soft licorice created for the licorice connoisseur, produced by American Licorice Company, introduces a new three ounce bag of bite size twists.
We designed this contest as an extension of the recently launched Sour Punch commercial 'The Last Straw,' to give our fans the opportunity to show us what great lengths they're willing to go to for their favorite sour candy," explained Kristi Shafer, Brand Manager of Sour Confections for American Licorice Company.
Most licorice fans have a distinct preference, and we see it every day in the flood of Twitter tweets and Facebook updates we receive," said American Licorice Company's Consumer Communications Manager, Michael Kelly.
People have a very personal connection to the candy they choose, which is evident by the flood of Twitter tweets and Facebook updates we see every day," noted Michael Kelly, Consumer Communications Manager at the American Licorice Company.
Natural Vines are a great alternative to holiday sweets like chocolate and candy canes," said Michael Kelly, Manager of Consumer Communications at the American Licorice Company.
The World of Sharing is all about exchanging positive messages to set off a chain reaction of good will and happiness around the planet," said Michael Kelly, Consumer Communications Manager at American Licorice Company.
More than ever, consumers are reading package labels and scrutinizing the ingredients in the food they're buying for themselves and their families," said Michael Kelly, Manager of Consumer Communications at American Licorice Company.
The family run business, established in 1975 by James Carpenter, processes orders for manufacturers such as Jack Link's Beef Jerky and American Licorice Sour Punch and sells them to Alabama Distributors.
Established in 1914, American Licorice is one of the oldest companies in the U.
PITTSBURGH -- MEI, the global leader in trade promotion management (TPM) software today announces that one of its clients, the American Licorice Company, one of the nation's oldest confectionary manufacturers, has been chosen as a "Standout Small Business" by Consumer Goods Technology magazine.
Consumers are looking for indulgence that is made with high-quality ingredients," says Jill Trekell, associate brand manager, Red Vines, at American Licorice Co.
The American Licorice Company, maker of Red Vines brand twists, also has deep historical roots.
Clients include several category-leading national brands: American Licorice Company, Panasonic, Tetra Pak, Public Storage, Whole Foods Market, Dunn-Edwards Paints, Panera Bread, Tahiti Tourisme, Hong Kong Tourism, Los Angeles World Airports, Southern California Gas Company and Tyson Foods.
Consumers are also looking for flavors that are real, such as strawberry licorice that actually tastes like strawberries, and are drawn to products with a sophisticated taste and texture," says Mercedes Davidson, brand manager, Natural Vines, for the American Licorice Co.
based American Licorice Company is swinging from the natural products tree with its new Natural Vines licorice, available in traditional black and strawberry flavors, both made with real licorice extract.
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