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native American plant sometimes confused with the European hop

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To balance hop bitterness and showcase hop aroma, five American hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest are used during the dry-hopping process to impart specific aromatics to the final Rebel Rouser recipe including:
Simon and Dawn are going to call on their knowledge of ancient country wine recipes for some beers - expect a carrot and orange beer in the near future - while also pursuing the current American hop fashion with others.
Brewed with four different American hop varieties including Citra and Mosiac, which impart the citrus characteristics to this beer.
Southwold IPA, named after the east-coast town where the beer is brewed, is an American-style IPA, brewed with five different American hop varieties.
North American brown ales are usually drier and more medium-bodied than their English counterparts with a slight citrus accent and a bitter nature absorbed from American hop varieties.
A combination of English and American hops give nice balance of bitterness and flavour to this delicious session ale On tap: Dusty Miller, Longwood; Flying Ferret, Shelley; Flying Shuttle, Mirfield; Barge & Barrel and Rock Tavern in Elland; Broad Oak Bowling Club; Slaithwaite Conservative Club; Dog & Partridge, Stainland and many other outlets.
Our specialty ales, on the other hand, are brewed with only the finest American hops.
This blend of North American hops gives the beer a fresh, citrusy aroma and crisp hop finish.
The beer is a strong 6% abv Pale Ale using American hops and British malt, and will only be on sale at the Black Country Ales outlets.
We use a local rye from Hadley, and three kinds of local American hops,'' he said.
Guinness Blonde American Lager uses American hops and Guinness' world famous 125-year-old Guinness yeast.
Very bright hop nose, has an English aspect, even though they are using a lot of American hops," said Dr.
The American hops are in high demand because independent brewing has really taken off there.
The pub will be serving over 40 different beers, all made using American hops, while the food menu will also feature USthemed meals.
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