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And despite the Limerick controversy, playing American football games at Croke Park is something that the GAA remains open to in the future.
LIKE so many of these things, cheerleading started in America in 1898 when dancing and cheering broke out at an American football game.
Wembley's pitch has been slammed for cutting up easily, most infamously in England's Euro 2008 qualifying defeat by Croatia in November 2007 - four weeks after an American football game at the stadium.
Johnny Campbell led the first cheerleaders at a Minnesota University American football game on November 2, 1898.
The stadium has seating for 90,000 people and has hosted Madonna and an American football game besides its core football and rugby league events since it opened.
You had to be there," says David Ashforth of the Indianapolis Colts versus New England Patriots American Football game.
It''s a real challenge for most people but more so for Dave who has been a full time wheelchair user since a breaking his neck in an American football game in 1989.
The Arizona Cardinals had just scored a touchdown to go 23-20 ahead of the Pittsburg Steelers in the American Football game when the material was shown on channel KVOA.
And over the weekend, she was interviewed by PiersMorgan, sang at the NFL American football game at Wembley and became the first classic singer to perform at the G-A-Y nightclub in London.
During their high-school days, Earl ruined Randy's chance to score a touchdown during a key American football game, because he was fixing the match.
HAMPDEN could host an NFL American football game within five years after over 900,000 fans registered to see New York Giants' clash with Miami Dolphins at Wembley in October.
HANDICAP punters who backed Buffalo in Sunday night's live Sky American football game were dealt a savage blow New England were awarded the chance of a late scoring play after time had run out in the AFC East clash.
In what will be a repeat of last year's World Bowl final, tomorrow's game will make British television history when it will be covered live by Scottish TV, making it the first ever live terrestrial telly broadcast of an American football game in Europe.
University of Minnesota American Football game on November 2, 1898.
The Wembley surface bore the scars of last weekend's third American football game of the autumn during the 3-1 Euro 2016 win over Slovenia.
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