American crayfish

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common large crayfishes of eastern North America

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MISSING Conservation Officer Anne Lewis searches the waterways in Plessey Woods for the alien American Crayfish.
The giant-pincered American crayfish multiplies furiously and mows through frogs, tadpoles, small fish and aquatic plantlife.
She said: "The crayfish at Ensor's Pool are susceptible to this epidemic, which has been introduced by American crayfish.
American crayfish are direct competition for the white-claw for space and food.
The march of the American crayfish has been relentless with very few rivers now containing only the native white-clawed species.
American crayfish can also carry the crayfish plague, which can devastate a native crayfish population.
American crayfish are preferred to their rather weedy British counterparts, but they are now regarded as a menace because they carry a virus which kills native crayfish.
The North-East stronghold of the native crayfish is under threat after an American crayfish was discovered in a burn which runs into the River Blyth in Northumberland.
The large American crayfish were introduced to the UK for restaurant food in the 1970s and many escaped from captivity.
The protected species is highly susceptible to pollutants and has suffered a serious population decline due to competition from introduced American crayfish species, crayfish plague and the destruction of suitable habitat.
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