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model Coco Rocha, American businessman Donald Trump Jr.
They argued that the American businessman should appear in the witness box if he wanted the forensic test of his devices.
Levin suggests that Jordan Fishman, the man at the center of the lawsuit, isn't an American businessman as Dewhurst has claimed because Fishman moved his manufacturing to China years ago.
With the American businessman set to complete his takeover of Premier League club Arsenal, we take a look at the man known as 'Silent Stan'.
The 58-year-old plans to sit down and "assess" everything with American businessman Lerner at the end of the current campaign.
AMERICAN businessman Bernie Madoff faces spending the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of the largest fraud ever by a single person, with estimated losses of almost pounds 65billion.
The two most prominent investigations involve suspicions that Olmert took bribes from American businessman Morris Talansky, who was central to the police investigation of alleged illegal cash transfers to Olmert, and the Rishon Tours in which the prime minister is suspected of double billing charities and a government ministry, and using the excess to fund family trips abroad.
A four-man gang was picked up by Ajman police yesterday in connection with the assault and robbery of an American businessman.
The voters have said that we're ending the era of race preference in the state of Michigan," says Doug Tietz, campaign manager for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, a group backed by conservative African American businessman Ward Connerly's American Civil Bights Institute, which was successful in getting California to adopt the affirmative action ban.
The Swedish soccer boss and Nancy, 47, have now split and twice-married Ulrika is dating American businessman Brian Monet, 38.
A Toyota Avalon stops across the street and an African American businessman exits, jogs to the entrepreneur's stand and buys the entire shoe display.
The film opens in China, where an American businessman in a factory contracts the disease from an afflicted employee.
The owner/publisher explained in chapter 40 of his 1989 autobiography, Succeeding Against the Odds: The Autobiography of a Great American Businessman (Warner Books, 1989):
An expatriate American businessman, Philip Bloom, and a civilian employee of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, Robert J.
The biennial award was founded in 1977 by the American businessman and collector Jan Mitchell.
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