American buffalo

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large shaggy-haired brown bison of North American plains

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The Kypria International Festival has now entered its theatre phase and next on its list is American Buffalo by American playwright David Mamet.
It fits with the rest of the Mamet canon in that it's about jive, about how Americans try to cheat each other and steal each other's essentials, be it real estate leads or American Buffalos or ideological validation or big ideas.
Her last directing gig at the Studio, Mamet's American Buffalo, plays May 5-June 13.
I pay tribute to the North American Buffalo that symbolizes a true Canadian icon that survived as an endangered species, an analogy that parallels the plight for cultural existence," explained Peyachew in a release.
Among these works are Glengarry Glen Ross, American Buffalo, Speed-the-Plow, and Oleanna.
Un autor originario de Chicago, David Mamet, a mediados de la decada del setenta, llama la atencion de la critica luego de tres obras exitosas en las tablas del off-Broadway: The Duck Variations, Sexual Perversity in Chicago y American Buffalo.
160 years ago, native species such as American buffalo were being eradicated, forests leveled for mining and farming to make way for trains and roads and towns, timber disappeared from around waterways to provide wood for steamboats.
Perhaps no creature exemplifies this biological role reversal better than the American buffalo.
In this biography, Punke (history correspondent for Montana Quarterly) describes the scientific career of Grinnell as he became advocate for conservation in the American West, including his advocacy on behalf of the nearly extinct American buffalo, his role in establishing Glacier National Park, his organizing on behalf of the first Audubon Society, and his founding (with Theodore Roosevelt) of the conservationist Boone and Crockett Club.
While you're buying metal bucks in bulk from the government, take a look at the 2006 American Buffalo gold proof $50 coin.
In 1975, the year David Mamet's American Buffalo debuted at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, President Richard Nixon signed an order allowing gold, for the first time in American history, to be traded freely on the market like any other commodity.
The Buffalo Guys pride themselves on helping to preserve the health and integrity of the North American buffalo herds and the environment.
It was this skill, combined through understanding animals' anatomy (garnered by hunting) that allowed him to create imaginary pictures, such as American buffalo charging.
It recognizes that the American buffalo (Bison bison) has ecological, cultural, historical, and symbolic significance to the United States.
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