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americanus in western North America and noted that an examination of sexual size variation in the eastern United States for the American black bear could add to the understanding of geographic variation in SSD in this species as well as for other mammals.
The American Black Bear is a beautiful sight to behold by hikers and campers in the Blue Ridge Mountains and elsewhere in North America, and we will not allow their parts, such as gall bladders, to be taken and sold, said Assistant Attorney General John C.
Samples of hair were obtained from five animal species from Giza Zoo, Giza, Egypt; a carnivore, American black bear (Ursus americanus), a primate, blue nile monkey (Cercopithecus mitis), and three artiodactyls, barbary sheep (Ammotracus lervia), bactrian camel (Camelus bactrianus) and llama (Lama glama) from four animal per species (two males and two females, respectively).
The smallest and most widespread species of bear in North America is the American black bear (Ursus americanus).
One American Black bear was discovered on autopsy to have a laceration of the liver which was attributed partially to an overdose of anaesthesia," it said.
Throughout North America, American black bear populations have been reduced from past historical records (Dickson, 2001; Pelton, 2001).
Specimens of the American porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum) and American black bear (Ursus americanus) have been obtained in Webb County, Texas.
This subspecies of American black bear is supposedly the original "Teddy bear".
The American black bear studied had an average passage rate of 8.
Discovering Black Bears is a recently published book that explores the natural history of the American black bear, as well as its behavior and habitat.
Collier eventually caught up with a large 2351b old American black bear and cornered it at a watering-hole.
Peter Jolly's Circus has an American black bear called Ming, two camels, a zebra and five pythons.
In 1966, CBS starred Weaver and a 600-pound American black bear in "Gentle Ben," about a family that adopts a bear as a pet.
Haunting the ancient moss-laden forests along the Pacific Coast were white-coated bears that are a subspecies of the North American black bear.
The type of bear native to the Adirondacks, and the one I saw at Limekiln, is Ursus americanus or the American black bear.
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