American Standard Version

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a revised version of the King James Version

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He based his work on the American Standard Version of 1901, but he also consulted Greek and Hebrew experts who referred to the most respected original manuscripts.
The NIV Study Bible, which features over 20,000 in depth notes explaining the Scripture and applications of the Scripture to daily life, and more than 100,000 cross references -- King James Version (KJV), American Standard Version (ASV), Young's Literal Translation (YLT), Darby's New Translation (DNT) and World English Bible (WEB) -- The DailyReader(TM) application along with reading plans and devotionals to help users read through the Bible in one year and reflect on that reading.
The translations that changed the wording to "You shall not murder" include the TANAKH (1962), the New American Standard Version (1971), the New International Version (1978), the New King James Version (1982), the New Revised Standard Version (1989) and the Revised English Bible (1989).
In the American Standard version, materials can be stocked in pounds, square feet and each.
By default, the CD-ROM installs the New King lames and American Standard versions of the Bible, but you can install as many versions as the memory in your handheld device will store.
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