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the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado

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In further news, American Southwest Music has opened its new distribution center in Houston.
of New Mexico) present nine papers from bioarchaeologists, ethnohistorians, and archaeologists on the controversial topic of social violence in the prehispanic American Southwest.
Brujerias; stories of witchcraft and the supernatural in the American Southwest and beyond.
Photo: (color) Recently published outdoors books tell of a south-seas ocean rescue, mountain wildlife and desert adventures in the American Southwest.
Ack was first appointed in 2003 to this position after extensive environmental policy and management experience in Latin America and the American Southwest.
this volume collects the four pocket diaries that resulted, which can serve as an important primary source for historians, ethnohistorians, and naturalists of the American southwest.
Beauty Lou and the Country Beast'' swaps the European village setting for the American Southwest, and instead of merchants the musical uses cowboys and cowgirls.
Influenced by the creative and fun cuisine of the Caribbean, South America, the American Southwest and California, the Blue Mermaid introduced to Seacoast diners the State's first wood-burning grill in June of this year.
Alan Doyle, president of American Southwest Holdings Inc.
American travel writers Grant, Blond and Vlahides offer a concise, portable guide to the five-state region of the American southwest.
Some of the finest examples of petroglyphs and rock paintings from the American Southwest are now well preserved in ``On the Edge of Magic'' (Chronicle Books; $13.
Spanish speakers in Florida, for example, are influenced primarily by Cuba and the Caribbean nations, while Spanish speakers in the American Southwest employ a Mexican-based speech pattern.
GL Energy and Exploration (OTCBB:GEEX) has entered into a binding merger agreement to acquire 100 percent of American Southwest Music Distribution Inc.
Jane Butel, President and CEO, an internationally recognized authority on the regional cooking of the American Southwest.
8 million residents and nearly 40 million annual visitors, says, "While the challenges posed by acute water shortages are becoming increasingly apparent throughout our nation and the world, we in the American Southwest have for some years now witnessed the impact of climate change as we work to stretch a limited resource to meet the needs of a growing population.
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