American Revolutionary War

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Before the American Revolutionary War began in 1776, many American colonists complained that Britain had tried to enslave the poor North American colonials by introducing a standing army, the bane of a free society, in Boston and by passing allegedly unjust taxes throughout the colonies.
Alexander Garden, an aide-decamp to Major General Nathanael Greene, wrote in his Anecdotes of the American Revolutionary War that Jasper was "a perfect Proteus in his ability to alter his appearance, perpetually entering the camp of the enemy without detection, and invariably returning to his own with soldiers he had seduced or prisoners he had captured.
In 1780, the American Revolutionary War entered its sixth year and the momentum of the British troops had stalled in the northern states, so the redcoats turned their attention to the South.
Lincoln refers to the American Revolutionary War, a conflict that created a nation that the current war was threatening to tear apart.
This book is about one of these fighting units, Royal Air Force 303 Squadron, named for one of the Polish heroes of the American Revolutionary War, Tadeusz Kosciuszko.
Students of the American Revolutionary War have long recognized France's participation in the conflict.
Fort Belan is on the western approach to the Menai Strait,near Caernarfon,and is believed to have been built at some time during the American revolutionary war.
Currencies include American Revolutionary War currency, federal and state currencies, and silver dollars.
Determined to change his life, Martin chooses not to enlist in the American revolutionary war.
skirmish that started the American Revolutionary War, you could tell that all of the hard work and time invested was worth it.
President George Washington gave Lafayette these famous trees as a gift of appreciation for his assistance in the American Revolutionary War.
Set in 1777, The Hollow Tree is also an historically accurate story that brings to life the American Revolutionary War.
Chapter five is a valuable addition to the scholarship on British responses to the American Revolutionary War.
landing on the moon; classical music inspired by the world's greatest literature; animations of the Liberty Bell being converted into a canon during the American Revolutionary War, an Egyptian pyramid constructing itself, and the faces of all U.
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