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It has everything - history, romance - and because it's based in the American Revolutionary War it ticks all the boxes.
This criticism not withstanding, A Generous and Merciful Enemy is a much-needed account of a glossed-over American Revolutionary War topic, and one importantly related from the German perspective.
1819: South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar won the Battle of Boyaca, defeating Spanish forces and ensuring the independence of Colombia with the help of a significant "British Legion", mostly Napoleonic War veterans.
An impressive and informative account, "'Light Horse Harry' Lee In the War for Independence" is very highly recommended reading and an invaluable addition to both community and academic library American Revolutionary War collections.
Similarly, David Bushnell's American Revolutionary War submarine Turtle receives worthwhile treatment, including an update on the debate concerning whether Turtle had enough positive buoyancy to allow boring a hole in the target ships copper-clad wooden hull while submerged.
Witnesses said they then ransacked the dying cops' bodies for ammunition and weapons before covering them with the famous Don't Tread On Me flag from the American Revolutionary war.
Liberty's Fallen Generals is a detailed historical look at a group of generals who gave their lives to the cause of independence during the American Revolutionary War, a conflict laced with stories of the Founding Fathers and other larger-than-life figures.
The American War of Independence, also known as the American Revolutionary War is considered to be a major step towards achieving Unites States' independence.
The roughly 37,000 Germans who fought as British auxiliaries during the American Revolutionary War were an important part of the British war effort, but relatively little has been written about them.
Of special note is the concluding chapter focusing on Lee's personal life after the end of the American Revolutionary War.
For children age 8 and up, "Revolutionary Friends, General George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette" is an excellent example of English narrative embellished with French expressions to tell the story of the relationship that evolved between American leader George Washington and French nobleman the Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolutionary War.
Lucy Parsons: An American Revolutionary provides a fine biography considering her life and work at key points of U.
Chavez also acted as intermediary between the Iranian regime and a number of Latin American revolutionary groups, including the FARC in Colombia and the Sendero Luminoso in Peru.
For them, the late Venezuelan leader has joined the pantheon of Latin American revolutionary heroes.
A more modern salute to the South American revolutionary spirit will be depicted in Miguel del Aguila's The Giant Guitar.
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