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a hotel plan that includes three meals daily

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American plans to replace its fleet of domestic Boeing 757-200s and MD-80s with A321s, A319s and Boeing 737-800s all with leather seats, Wi-Fi and in-seat inflight entertainment throughout the aircraft.
Campbell said American plans to complement ASCC's conversion process by offering a full range of services including, aircraft light and heavy maintenance checks, engine, component, landing gear repair and overhaul services, as well as line maintenance support.
Sterling American plans to re-position the complex as a Class A office destination and promote the property as a highly desirable corporate business center.
The American plans to further develop the nuclear missile defence system probably discouraged them from continuing the great expense of their own programs and the resultant cost to them of international trade sanctions.
It was not clear how the prince's statements would affect the American plans, but housing for U.
American plans to conduct further development activities in the Brazos area in 1995.
Universal American plans to use the proceeds from any future offering under the registration statement for general corporate purposes, including, but not limited to, working capital, capital expenditures, investments in subsidiaries, acquisitions and refinancing of debt.
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