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Synonyms for naturalism

Synonyms for naturalism

(philosophy) the doctrine that the world can be understood in scientific terms without recourse to spiritual or supernatural explanations

an artistic movement in 19th century France

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I'm not an expert on public policy, but the extent to which public policy regarding land use has often held hands with American naturalism and Christian ideas of predestination seems pretty evident.
His new book, American Naturalism and the Jews, however, marks the first time in his prolific career that he directly addresses the subject of antisemitism among authors about whom he has written for decades.
The first two chapters of the book present an insightful analysis of the historical context that set the stage for the later development of American naturalism.
American naturalism, as exemplified by such writers as Crane, Norris, and Dreiser, involved a middle class narrator acting as what James R.
Richard Wright's Native Son is still usually taken as one of the foremost examples of late American naturalism, and much is made of the impact of modem sociology, particularly what became known as the Chicago School of Sociology, on the conception and shape of the novel.
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