American Legion

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the largest organization of United States war veterans

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Mighty Musketeers: Moorpark is experiencing success with entries in the Valley Invitational Baseball League and American Legion District 16.
The American Legion has been helping veterans cope with the invisible wounds of war since its formation in 1919, including extensive focus in the last four years to help veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who have suffered what are known as the "signature wounds" of today's war era: PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI).
Stowell-Parker American Legion Post 163 will meet at 2 p.
At the American Legion's headquarters in Indianapolis, the phones are ringing steadily with families and local American Legion posts wanting to order Blue and Gold Star Banners, officials said.
Also, in 2010, the GIFF screened "Mother of Normandy: The Story of Simon Renaud," a documentary written by Jeff Stoffer, editor of The American Legion Magazine.
WHY: The goal this run is to raise $450,000 for the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund for children of military personnel who died on and after Sept.
Townsend VFW Post 6538 and American Legion Post 199 and their auxiliaries will hold a public Veterans Day ceremony starting at 11 a.
But the heart of this historic American Legion hall is still intact.
To learn more about American Legion programs, call 1-800-433-3318 or visit www.
In this equation, the veteran is the customer, and The American Legion represents that customer.
Connor American Legion Post 193 and its Son's Squadron will have a food drive at the Murdock Middle High School's homecoming football game at 6:30 p.
He was coaching Chatsworth's American Legion team last summer, but he wouldn't wait long enough to change his uniform after games before he would go over to ECR and start working on the field at the school for which he had just been hired.
Jason Kamiya present a check for $1 million to American Legion National Treasurer George Buskirk in Indianapolis Tuesday.
WASHINGTON, July 29, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Legion is sending a team of its experts to West Virginia to assist veterans in filing benefits claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and in gaining access to medical care at the Louis A.
Worcester County Council American Legion District 4 will meet at 2 p.
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