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an association of Northern Baptists

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In that, M&M, and indirectly the American Baptist Convention, clearly worked for the good of many African-American pastors.
Entitled "Black American Baptist Churchmen Speak To the American Baptist Convention," (14) the demands did not deny American Baptists' longstanding ministry to black Americans; however, they did challenge how the denomination conducted its business relative to black American Baptists.
American Baptist Convention or any of its Boards or agencies in memory of the recently assassinated Dr.
In 1969, a resolution of the American Baptist Convention (ABC) that called for "an immediate cease fire in order to facilitate an orderly withdrawal," "the immediate release of political prisoners," and "effective guarantees to all political, religious and ethnic groups of their rights to engage in political activity prior to the holding of free elections to be monitored by an international supervisory body" received 472 yes votes, 241 noes, and 35 abstentions.
Yearbook, American Baptist Convention, 1969-1970, 136.
Although fifty-six of the sixty-four contributors enlisted were Southern Baptists, four writers from England and four from the American Baptist Convention were asked to write articles based on their reputation as competent biblical scholars and their long identification with Baptist life.
The American Baptist Convention must not have read the Biblical Recorder Two years later in 1894, American Baptists ordained Edith Hill.
For many Maritime Baptists, there was a closer identification with the goals and evangelistic ethos of the SBC than to the American Baptist Convention, which was much closer geographically.
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