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a person who practices law

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an unethical lawyer who incites accident victims to sue

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There is a real sense of urgency to rectify the problem on ambulance chasing.
If it was just a general legal firm it might be a different matter, but this appears to condone ambulance chasing.
Emory's Connell says the FDA's actions and the legal profession's high-tech ambulance chasing are "costing us not only what we [already] have but the chance for new and better products in the future.
The legal profession is aggressively pursuing cases like this, in a new kind of ambulance chasing.
This in turn makes seafarers easy prey for ambulance chasing, with legal practitioners having considerable interest in their monetary benefits, he added.
We live in a culture of litigation and we are all anxious to avoid the clutches of ambulance chasing solicitors and claims agencies.
Worst of all, calls from ambulance chasing legal parasites who pester, usually at lunchtime.
Cllr Nellist, a former Labour MP, said yesterday: "This is not ambulance chasing.
Mr Brown might find a way of halting the 'no win no fee' ambulance chasing practitioners and force the courts to take a realistic view of settlement figures when cases were brought before them.
Never underestimate the number of ambulance chasing lawyers in L.
Here he learns the finer points of ambulance chasing from Deck Schefflet (Danny DeVito) and becomes emotionally entangled with a potential client (Claire Danes).
We are a respectable firm and it is certainly not ambulance chasing.
This situation then makes a seafarer an easy target for ambulance chasing, with legal practitioners having considerable interest in the monetary benefits that one may claim, and eventually be awarded," Manalo explained.
Personal injury claims are not about ambulance chasing, they are about enforcing the law.
Is it simply a matter of financial companies ambulance chasing, or should I, as a 77 year-old with a widespread family, start worrying about their health?