Ambrosia trifida

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a coarse annual with some leaves deeply and palmately three-cleft or five-cleft

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La composicion quimica del aceite esencial de Ambrosia trifida de China representa acetato de bornilo (15,5%), borneol (8,5%), oxido de cariofileno (8,3%), alfapineno (8,0%) atribuyendo a estos la actividad antibacteriana (Wang et al.
Weed ecologist Emilie Regnier of Ohio State University in Columbus and her colleagues conducted field experiments to determine how exotic European night crawlers, Lumbricus terrestris, affected the survival of the seeds of Ambrosia trifida, giant ragweed.
lanceolata X X Apiaceae (carrots or parslies) Limnosciadium pinnatum X Polytaenia nuttalii X Ptilimnium nuttallii X Asteraceae (sunflowers) Ambrosia trifida var.